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November 2021 - Start of the Month - Lina Gessman

For companies to function properly, they need to have a back office that supports the client-facing roles.  This is true at Austin Bank, and we rely heavily on the staff that fill these important operational roles.  This month we are pleased to shine the light on a member of our Bookkeeping team who has been selected as our November Star of the Month.  Congratulations to Lina Gessman, Bookkeeping Clerk, in our Longview Greggton office on this honor!

Lina came to work for Austin Bank in 2019 as a Telephone Customer Service Representative in our Customer Care Center.  There she assisted customers with a variety of issues.  During her time in this role, fellow team members described her as “always willing to learn and help.”  Lina moved to the Bookkeeping department and her current role in 2020.  Remaining eager to help, she not only completes her normally assigned duties but has also trained to help fill additional roles.  She continues to expand her knowledge base in order to serve as a backup for other team members.  Lina maintains a positive attitude and has a very contagious laugh.  Coworkers report she refers to the Bookkeeping department as ‘Paradise’ and is often asked if it is sunny or cloudy in ‘Paradise’ today.  Her response – “it’s lovely in Paradise today.”

Lina lives in Longview with her two daughters – Liana and Caroline.  She enjoys spending time with her children and traveling to California to visit her mother.  The family attends Pathway Church in Longview.

“We are so fortunate to have Lina in our department.  She is always eager to cross-train in any area needed, which makes her a great asset to us.  Lina has such a positive attitude and always has a smile to share.”

Trudy Harris, VP/Deposit Operations Manager, Longview Greggton

“Lina is very jovial and exemplifies a very positive attitude.  She always strives to do her best.  Ever a team player, Lina seeks opportunities to learn new jobs and it is a pleasure to work with her and have her on our team.”

Rhonda Pierce, Operations Officer/Bookkeeping Supervisor, Longview Greggton

“Lina is the sweetest and most considerate person, always very eager to help with whatever project may come up.”

Nancy Harrison, Assistant Bookkeeping Supervisor, Longview Greggton


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