February 2017 - Star of the Month - Sherry Chambers

by Austin Bank 14. February 2017 16:21
Aristotle stated, “We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” It is her habits of diligent work, proficient customer service and dedication to her team that has earned Sherry Chambers, Teller in Frankston, this month’s Star of the Month honors for her excellent service to Austin Bank and its customers. [More]


January 2017 - Star of the Month - Colleen Eakin

by Austin Bank 11. January 2017 08:57
With experience as a Teller and Teller Operations Supervisor, this month’s Star has made the move behind the scenes in the Operations department and quickly made her mark. Please join in congratulating Colleen Eakin, Deposit Operations Administrative Assistant as our January Star of the Month. [More]


December 2016 - Star of the Month - Sandra Burton

by Austin Bank 13. December 2016 16:21
This month’s Star is a long-time member of the Austin Bank family. Joining the Bank in 1989 with the acquisition of Troup Bank and Trust, she remains committed to her job and coworkers. It is an honor to recognize Sandra Burton, Executive Administrative Officer in Jacksonville, as our December Star of the Month. [More]


November 2016 - Star of the Month - Shirley Coe

by Austin Bank 8. November 2016 15:49
Our November Star is a wonderful representative of Austin Bank and its core values, while exhibiting hardworking, supportive qualities to her peers on a daily basis. Her dedication to the job is admired and her fun-loving spirit is welcomed by those she works with. Congratulations, Shirley Coe, SVP/Loan Document Manager, on your selection as our November Star of the Month. [More]


October 2016 - Star of the Month - Michael Mendez

by Austin Bank 12. October 2016 11:46
This month’s Star is relatively new to the Austin Bank family. However, he has found his spot and earned high praise from not only his immediate co-workers, but those in other departments as well as customers. Please join in congratulating Michael Mendez, Customer Service Representative from Nacogdoches, as our October Star of the Month. [More]


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Retirement Plan Distribution

by Austin Bank 11. October 2016 10:04
If you receive a lump sum distribution from your qualified plan as you change jobs or retire, there are important decisions you must make. The consequences of those decisions can have a very significant impact on your financial future. [More]


September 2016 - Star of the Month - Kim Raney

by Austin Bank 14. September 2016 12:15
This month’s Star has been a member of the Austin Bank team for more than 15 years. She joined a department that serves the needs of our lending staff here at the Bank and goes mostly unnoticed by others. Please join us in congratulating Kim Raney, SVP/Senior Credit Analyst, Longview Greggton, as our September Star of the Month. [More]


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Filing Your First Income Tax Return

by Austin Bank 29. August 2016 12:34
Filing your income tax returns may sound frightening, but it is not as bad as it may sound. It is something that everyone has been doing since 1913 and is something you will be doing for the rest of your life. You may decide to use a professional to prepare your return or prepare it yourself with or without the help of income tax software like TurboTax or TaxCut. In any case, there are some things you should know to make the whole process easier. [More]


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Establishing a Relationship with a Financial Institution

by Austin Bank 29. August 2016 11:59
A good working relationship with a financial institution is part of a solid financial foundation. Finding the right one to work with is important. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of institutions that offer the products and services you want and need located close by or with which you can create an electronic relationship. [More]


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Filling Out The Paperwork For Your First Job

by Austin Bank 29. August 2016 11:24
After the interview, salary negotiation, and getting hired, you will probably go to the Human Resource Department or see the Business Manager to handle some of the financial details of your job. Here are some of the items you probably will face: [More]

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