Establishing a Relationship with a Financial Institution

by Austin Bank 29. August 2016 11:59
A good working relationship with a financial institution is part of a solid financial foundation. Finding the right one to work with is important. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of institutions that offer the products and services you want and need located close by or with which you can create an electronic relationship. [More]


Banking Relationships | Debit Card | Direct Deposit | Young Adults

Filling Out The Paperwork For Your First Job

by Austin Bank 29. August 2016 11:24
After the interview, salary negotiation, and getting hired, you will probably go to the Human Resource Department or see the Business Manager to handle some of the financial details of your job. Here are some of the items you probably will face: [More]

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Employees | Personal Finance | Young Adults

Getting and Using Your First Credit Card

by Austin Bank 29. August 2016 10:55
A “first” credit card can be exciting, tempting and intimidating. Credit cards are a great convenience, but they are also borrowing money that must be repaid. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you get your credit card and use it. [More]

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Credit Card | Young Adults

Star of the Month - August 2016 - Janie Bird

by Austin Bank 11. August 2016 09:28
Who wouldn’t want an employee in their office described as “always ‘wowing’ the customers with their above and beyond customer service standards”? Or, one known for going outside the realm of normal teamwork to assist a teammate in a time of need? This month’s Star is the recipient of these accolades and many more. For that reason, we are pleased to announce Janie Bird, AVP/Loan Assistant in Frankston, has been selected as our August Star of the Month. [More]


Employee Awards | Employees | Star of the Month

New Credit Card Users

by Austin Bank 10. August 2016 09:57
A “first” credit card can be exciting, tempting and intimidating. If you are getting your first credit card (or your child is getting his/her first card), here are some ideas to keep in mind. [More]


Credit Card

July 2016 - Star of the Month - Heidi Gamble

by Austin Bank 20. July 2016 16:36
In such a technology dependent industry, we often take for granted the fact that we can turn on our computers and begin our work day. Ever stop to think about what is required behind the scenes for this to happen? Our information technology department spends lots of time and resources to make our jobs feasible. This month we would like to bring the spotlight to an area that often goes unnoticed until there is a problem, and to an employee who works diligently to insure we all have the equipment and systems necessary to perform our tasks. Please join in congratulating Heidi Gamble, Systems Administrator II, Longview Greggton, on her selection as the July Star of the Month. [More]


Employee Awards | Employees | Star of the Month

Home Equity Loans

by Austin Bank 16. July 2016 09:55
The equity in your home can be a powerful financial tool. Learn how these loans work and why they can be an attractive form of "tax advantaged" borrowing for you. [More]


Star of the Month - June 2016 - Dalia Ramirez

by Austin Bank 15. June 2016 14:16
There are often employees in an organization who go without notice - not because of poor qualities, but often because they keep their head down and take care of their responsibilities without pretense. This month’s Star fits that description . . . working hard and continually learning new things. Please join in congratulating Dalia Ramirez, Loan Assistant at Tyler Med Center, on her selection as the June Star of the Month. [More]


Employee Awards | Employees | Star of the Month

Asset Allocation

by Austin Bank 15. June 2016 09:49
By dividing your assets into stocks, bonds and cash investments based on your time horizons and risk tolerance, you can create a framework for the rest of your investment decisions. The volatility of the markets makes the need for a solid framework even more necessary. [More]


Financial Planning | Investments

14 Tips for Stopping Elder Financial Abuse in its Tracks

by Austin Bank 6. June 2016 10:39
Every year, millions of seniors fall victim to financial fraud. Studies show elder financial abuse costs seniors approximately $2.9 billion each year. In recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, Austin Bank is urging older customers and their trusted caregivers to safeguard all personal information and stay alert to the common signs of financial abuse. [More]


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