eDocuments - Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about eDocuments for your business? We've got answers. 

*Please note - For address changes, email address changes or cancellation of service, please contact:

Austin Bank, Texas N.A.
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Local - (903) 759-3828
Toll Free - (800) 644-9275

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What is an eDocument?

An eDocument is an electronic copy of your account statement (eStatement) or account notice (eNotice) that you can view, download, save or print at your convenience using Austin Bank Online Banking.

Are eDocuments available for all my accounts?

All checking and savings accounts may be set up to receive an eStatement. You may elect to sign up to receive eStatements on any or all of your checking or savings accounts.

Are eNotices available for all my accounts?

Currently only select notices are available as an eNotice. However, once you enroll an account for eNotices, the account will automatically be set to receive any notices electronically that are available in that format now or in the future.

Which notices are currently available as eNotices?

  • Non-sufficient Funds Notices
  • Overdraft notices

How much does an eDocument cost?

eDocuments are FREE.

Will my eDocuments look the same as my regular printed statements?


Will my eDocument include check images?

No, but all check images are available through Online Banking at www.austinbank.com for up to one year. If check images are requested after they are no longer available online, our normal research fees may apply. These requests can still be made to the address and phone number listed above.

How will I know when my eStatement or an eNotice is available for viewing each month?

You will receive an e-mail each time a new eDocument is ready to view. This e-mail will include a link for your convenience in accessing your statement or notice. eStatements will be available at approximately the same time of the month that the paper statement was. (Note: The cycle for the statement drop does not change when switching from paper to electronic delivery method.)

Will I continue to receive a paper statement if I receive an eStatement?

No. Paper statements will not be printed for accounts that are enrolled for eStatement delivery.

Will I continue to receive a paper notice if I receive eNotices?

Paper notices will not be printed if the specific notice is available in electronic format. However, notices not currently available for delivery in electronic format and other correspondence related to your accounts will typically be delivered by mail or other acceptable delivery method.

How long will my eDocuments be available?

From the time you enroll for a minimum of one year, your eStatements will be available for viewing online.

Are my eDocuments secure?

Yes. The same features that protect you while using Austin Bank Online Banking ensure your eStatement security.

Do I need Online Banking to view eDocuments?

Yes. Log onto Online Banking at www.austinbank.com, click onto eDocuments and complete the enrollment form to start receiving monthly eStatements, eNotices or both.

Can I download the eStatement directly into MS Money or Quicken?

No, you must still go through the online banking model to export transactions into other software packages like MS Money or Quicken.

What are the procedures to enroll for eDocuments?

  • Log on to Online Banking at https://www.austinbank.com
  • Click on eDocument Enroll.
  • The eDocument Agreement is then displayed. Customers should:
    1. Read Agreement;
    2. Print Agreement for their records;
    3. Click "I Agree" to submit if customer desires to enroll in eDocuments;
  • Enrollment Form is then displayed.
  • Customer completes the Enrollment Form and "Submits Form".
  • A confirmation page is displayed for the customer.

Can I get a CD of my statements from the bank?

At this time, we are not offering this service.

If I want to change the e-mail address that I want my eDocuments sent to, what do I need to do?

A message will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer when their periodic statement or an electronic notice is available through Austin Bank On-line Banking. The customer is responsible for informing the “Bank” of any change in such e-mail address by sending notice to the address shown above. The notice must provide the name of the account(s), account number(s) and new e-mail address(s). An authorized owner on the account(s) must sign the notification. The “Bank” must have reasonable time to act on such request, which is typically two (2) business days from date of receipt.

If I want to cancel eStatements, eNotices or both or if I have questions or comments, whom do I need to contact?

The customer can cancel this authorization at any time by providing written notice to the address shown above stating their desire to cancel receipt of electronic statements and to receive printed statements. The request should state the customer’s desire to cancel electronic statements and receive printed statements, provide the account number(s) to be changed and the current address where the statement(s) are to be mailed. An authorized owner on the account(s) must properly sign this notice. The “Bank” must have reasonable time to act on such request, which is typically two (2) business days from date of receipt.


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