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Online BillPay

Personal Online Bill Pay and Mobile Bill Pay!

Pay bills from your Online Banking Account and your mobile phone using Austin MobileTM.

Our Personal Online Bill Pay system now offers many features.

Bill Pay Features:

  • Money will remain in your account until the scheduled date of payment.
  • Pay bills from your smart phone and the Austin Bank Mobile app
  • Popmoney® 'person-to-person' transfers
  • Account-to-Account transfers
Click here to view a video demo of the new Online Bill Pay system.

Online Bill Payment Service is convenient, flexible & secure - enroll today

The Austin Bank Bill Payment Service enables you to pay bills to businesses or individuals anywhere in the US.  There are no checks to write and nothing to mail. Simply set up the businesses or individuals within the USA that you want to pay and schedule your payment so it can be processed and arrive at the payee before the payment is due. It's as simple as that to pay your one-time or recurring bills.
  • Logon to Austin Bank Online Banking
  • Click on the Bill Payment button in Online Banking and follow the prompts on the screen
Online Help
  • Detailed information is provided in the Bill Payment Agreement you are required to accept during the enrollment process for Bill Payment Services.
  • Operational hints and additional information on how to make Bill Payment work for you are available on the Bill Payment site under the FAQ link.
Additional Help
  • Contact Bill Pay Support toll free at 855-712-0503 - available 365 days a year from 6 a.m. to midnight.
  • Click Here to Contact Us by email.
  • Come by any of our convenient locations throughout East Texas during normal office hours. After all, online banking is a great convenience for our customers but we still enjoy visiting with you in person!

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Bill Pay

Austin Bank strives to provide quality communication to our customers. Here are the most frequently asked questions about online bill pay through Austin Bank.

General Questions
What is online bill pay?
Online bill pay is a service that allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your online banking account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and from which account you want the payment to come. It saves you time you would otherwise spend writing checks, paying bills at company websites and standing in line at the post office.
Is online bill pay safe?
Yes, it is safe and secure, as well as easy to use.
Who can I pay using online bill pay?
You can pay almost any business or individual that you currently pay by check-your phone bill, loan payments, insurance-even your dentist or daycare center.
May I use the online bill payment feature from my mobile device?
Yes, you may now enjoy these same features and benefits from your smartphone.
If I need further information or a detailed demonstration on how to use the system, is that available?
Austin Bank provides a demo of the new bill payment product; you may click here to view the bill pay demo. This demo will provide you with a high level overview of what you can expect to see with the new bill payment system. If further assistance is needed, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Center at 1-855-712-0503 or by email at

Enrollment Questions

How do I enroll in online bill pay?
Enrolling in bill pay is simple:
  1. Access and login to your account at
  2. Click on the "Bill Pay Checkfree" tab.
  3. Enter your email address and click 'Submit'.
  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Fill out the Enrollment Information completely.
After I have enrolled in online bill pay, how do I start using it?
  1. Pick a bill you want to pay
  2. Enter the bill information
  3. Choose how much and when
Is there a time delay before I can begin using after enrollment?
No, you may begin scheduling your bills at the same time of enrollment.

Payment Processing Questions

Is there a limit to the number of bills that I can pay using online Bill Pay?
There is no limit to the number of bills you can pay using the personal online Bill Pay. Fees may apply to Business Online Bill Pay.
Is there a fee to use Bill Pay?
For all Austin Bank personal accounts, there is no fee to use Bill Pay. Fees may apply to Business Online Bill Pay.
How are online payments delivered?
Payments you make through Bill Pay are delivered in one of three ways:
  • By electronic transmission. Accounts that are paid in this way receive your payment through secure electronic transmission.
  • By corporate check. Accounts that are paid in this way receive a check that is drawn on our account (deducted from yours as instructed) and mailed to the Pay To account address.
  • By personal laser check. Accounts that are paid in this way receive a check that is drawn on your account and mailed to the Pay To account address.
Why are all items not delivered electronically?
Laser checks are sent when the biller is not setup to receive electronic delivery.
When are the funds removed from my account?
The funds are removed when the payee receives the funds on a date determined by you.
  1. With an electronic item, it could be as early as the same day.
  2. If a paper check is mailed from your account, it would be removed from your account once the item has been deposited by the payee and then received by the bank.
How long does it take before my payment is received?
Receipt time would depend upon delivery method.
  1. An electronic item could be as early as the same day. Generally, they arrive within two business days.
  2. Paper checks would depend upon mail time – generally between 2 – 5 business days.
Can I schedule a Bill Payment for a weekend or holiday?
No, only business days will show as available pay dates. If you have a recurring payment that falls on a weekend or federal holiday that payment will automatically be adjusted to the closest previous business day.
Can I change or cancel my scheduled bill payment?
You may change or cancel any payment that is in a “Pending” status. You may review your previously scheduled or pending payments in the “Pending Payments” box within the Payment Center.
Can I be notified about a scheduled payment once it is paid?
You can set up “Reminders” and have the option to receive email notification when a bill is due, if a bill has not been paid by the due date, and when a payment has been sent. You can also view the status of recent payments in the Payment Center under the “Bill History” tab.
Is there a fee if I need to place a stop payment on a processed Online Bill Payment Transaction?
If you need to stop payment, please call at 1-855-712-0503. An agent will advise if it is possible to stop your payment and if a fee applies for the stop payment request.
What happens if I do not have enough money in my account to cover an online bill payment I’ve made?
A non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee will be charged to your account. A second redeposit attempt will be made and if that is also unsuccessful due to insufficient funds, then the account will be charged another NSF fee.
What is Account-to-Account Transfer?
Account-to-Account Transfers (A2A) allow customers to transfer funds between their accounts from Austin Bank as well as to accounts held at other financial institutions. Account-to-Account Transfers require two test deposits to insure proper verification (See online demo provided for specific details)

eBill Questions

What is an eBill?
Electronic versions of your paper bill are called eBills and you can receive them through Online Banking. An eBill comes directly from the biller to your Online Banking service. In addition, a notification that you have received an eBill in your Online Banking account can be sent automatically to an email address. You can view balances, transactions and other statement information in an eBill. (Each biller offers unique features associated with their eBill).
What are the primary benefits of eBill?
With eBill, everything you need is in one convenient location. Using eBill allows you to streamline your bill pay routine and have online access to your bills. That means you won’t have to keep track of paper bills. In addition, you can view past bill summaries at a glance.
How will I know if eBill is available for a payee?
If your biller can provide electronic statements, you will see an ebill icon (as shown below) next to their name.
If your biller can provide electronic statements, you will see an ebill icon next to their name.

How do I pay an eBill?
Simply choose the account you want to pay from, enter the amount you want to pay, and schedule when you want the payment delivered. You may also setup eBills for automatic payment.
Will I still receive paper statement when I have eBill?
You will continue to receive paper bill statements unless you contact the payee to stop sending those statements.

Popmoney® Questions

What is Popmoney®?
Popmoney® allows users to ‘Pay Other People’ anywhere, at anytime, using only the recipient’s email address, mobile number, or bank account. It can be used through online bill pay, as well as mobile bill pay. A small fee is charged for each transaction.
Can funds be sent internationally using Popmoney®?
Popmoney® payments can be sent to any personal payee (contact) within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii; however not to U.S. territories, or internationally.

If you have additional questions, call the Bill Pay Service Center at 1-855-712-0503 or email