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Austin Mobile - that's smart banking

Austin Bank Mobile App designed for your smartphone!

Austin Bank Mobile App Austin Bank Mobile App

Access your account quickly using the Austin Bank App designed to use with iPhone and Android compatible phones.

With Mobile App you can: Get Started with Austin Bank Mobile App Now!

ATTENTION:   iPhone Mobile Banking Users
Effective January 13, 2013

Due to Apple's recently announced policy change to enhance operation of apps on the iPhone 5 device, future updates of the Austin Bank app will no longer be supported on the original iPhone (i.e. iPhone 2) and iPhone 3 models.

This release will not require a mandatory application update; however, subsequent updates will result in the app no longer being usable for the 2 and 3 models.

The mobile browser and text message channels are unaffected by this change and will remain accessible to customers with any iPhone model.


To use the Austin Bank Mobile downloadable app, your mobile device must have an operating system that supports application downloads and may require a data service plan. Download the Austin Bank Mobile App using the link sent by SMS text message during the enrollment process.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do I have to be enrolled in Online Banking to use the Mobile App?
    Yes, you must enroll in Online Banking to use the Mobile App. The same Access ID and password used with your online banking allows you access to the mobile banking applications.
  2. How do I download Austin MobileTMto my phone?
  3. Best Way:Using this method to download and activate Austin MobileTM will insure that you are able to:
    • access all functions like Text Messaging and Mobile Web Browser;
    • make changes to your mobile banking options like changing a phone number, get a link to Mobile Browser, deactivate a specific phone from Mobile Banking, or download app.

    1. Login to your online banking account using
    2. Click on the "User Options" tab.
    3. The "Options" page is displayed. Locate the "Mobile Banking Profile" section and click "Enroll Now".

      NOTE: For security reasons, only one user can register for each mobile device. However, once you complete the registration process, you can add more phones to your Austin Bank Mobile account.

    4. The "Terms and Conditions" page is displayed. Select the "Accept" check box and then click "Continue".
    5. The "Your Details" page is displayed. Select the accounts that you wish to access by Mobile Banking and enter a nickname to be used to identify each account in text messages.
    6. The "Austin Bank Mobile Number" page is displayed. Enter your mobile phone number including area code. Click "Next".
    7. A text message with an activation code is sent to the mobile phone number entered.

      NOTE: The activation code expires 24 hours after you receive it.

    8. The "Activate Your Phone" page is displayed. Enter the activation code received in the text message. Click "Activate" to complete enrollment.
    9. A text message with a short code (96924) is sent to the newly active mobile device.

      NOTE: The short code (96924) is for use when utilizing Austin Bank Mobile text messaging service.

    Alternate Way:  Using this method to download the app will limit your mobile banking experience to only services available through the app. You will not be able to make changes to your mobile banking options or access functions like Text Messaging and Mobile Web Browser.

    1. Search the app store applicable to your phone type for Austin Bank Mobile.
    2. Download the Austin Bank Mobile App.
    3. Enter your online user name.
    4. Enter your online password.
    5. Begin using the "lite" version of Austin Bank Mobile.

  4. Is the Mobile App available for the iPad or other tablets?
    Not at this time but it is currently in the development stage for tablet applications. However, you can access your accounts using tablets by logging in to your online banking at

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