Online Banking Enhanced Security

During your initial enrollment in Austin Bank Online Banking you will be asked to establish an Access ID and Password according to guidelines provided during the enrollment process. You should select your Password carefully and avoid names, dates and information that could easily be guessed. You should always keep your log in credentials confidential and immediately report any suspected breach to Austin Bank.


Dual Authentication

The first time you log in to Austin Bank Online Banking you will be asked to select a series of challenge questions with your own responses. These can be used in the future to authenticate your log in if you are accessing the system from a different device than you typically use. When accessing from a non-registered device you should only register the device if it is frequently used by you for Austin Bank Online access and is a non-public device under your direct control.

In addition, when you log in to Austin Bank Online Banking the address line at the top of the screen should turn light green and display a picture of a locked padlock to the left of the Austin Bank name in the address line. (The actual appearance could vary depending on your browser.) This verifies that you are connected using encrypted communications to the authentic Austin Bank Online site. If the address line does not change to a green color and display the padlock symbol, DO NOT enter your Password. Contact the Customer Care Center for further instructions.


authenticated green address bar in internet browser


Additional Security for Certain Transactions:

Business Online Banking customers that are set up to perform certain types of high risk transactions will also be provided additional security measures to further secure theses online activities. These measures will be explained and provided to the Business Online Banking customer by the Bank's Treasury Management staff at the time of enrollment.

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