Summer Travels and Your Debit Card

by Austin Bank 19. April 2013 02:06
With summer just around the corner many families are planning to travel.Whether it’s a day trip or a trip outside the country, we encourage our customers to alert us if they plan to use their debit cards outside of their typical shopping areas.This can be done by calling the Customer Care Center at 800-644-9275 or speaking to a Customer Service Representative at your local office.
When you inform us of your travel plans, Austin Bank will alert the Fraud Department who can then take this information into consideration when viewing alerts on potentially suspicious behavior.Customers do need to be aware that by alerting us to their travel plans it does not mean that all transactions will automatically be approved while traveling in a certain area.The Fraud Department will also take into consideration the amount of purchases, frequency of purchases, the merchant where the card is being used, etc.Additional care is given to help protect customers who may be travelling yet have their card lost or stolen while there.Austin Bank will work to protect our customers whether at home or abroad.

Some additional tips and hints to keep in mind while travelling with your debit card:

  • Never travel out of the country with only one form of travel money. Bring along a credit card, travelers checks or cash in case your debit card is stolen or blocked for suspicious activity.
  • Compile a list of telephone contact numbers in case you lose your debit card. (Remember, you can’t dial toll-free or “800” numbers from outside the United States. Should you need assistance while travelling, call 903-759-3828.)
  • Clear your wallet of additional credit or debit cards - these will only cause you more headaches if your wallet is lost or out of your control. Also, it is a good idea to carry only the card you will be using and keep backup cards in a safe location, e.g. in a safe in the hotel where you are staying.Or, never keep all forms of payment in one place on your person.For instance, keep one in your wallet, one in another pocket and one in another bag or location.
  • Make copies of your cards (credit and debit), front and back, and leave the copies along with a list of telephone numbers with a family member or trusted friend. This person can help you make telephone calls quickly if you misplace your card.
  • Call the Bank – again.It is always wise to call Austin Bank the week before you leave. Advise them of all of your destinations and tell them when you plan to return.
  • Set up transaction alerts for credit and debit cards. This will allow you to be informed much faster of transactions that occur on your cards and shut down fraudulent activity.(You can set up alerts for many types of transactions regarding your checking account.Log in to your online banking account and set up the alerts in the Messages box on the Accounts page.)
  • Check your balance before you leave. Know the limits on how much you can withdraw.
  • Save all your receipts and check your statement when you return for any fraudulent charges.
Again, we at Austin Bank want to make sure you have the access you need to your finances, at home or while travelling.If you need any help with your debit card, please reach us at 800-644-9275, and happy travels.

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