Star of the Month - March 2016 - Crystal Redd

by Austin Bank 10. March 2016 10:52

This month’s Star of the Month is a Floater Teller who really stepped up and played a vital role in the Jacksonville market this past summer.  Already a customer favorite due to her desire to help, she has cemented her role as a co-worker favorite through her willingness to do whatever is necessary to insure operations run smoothly.  Please join us in congratulating Crystal Redd, Floater Teller for Cherokee County Region, on her selection as Star of the Month for March 2016.

Crystal joined the Austin Bank team in 2011 as a full-time teller in the Jacksonville Drive Thru, moving to the Floater position in 2014.  “Crystal’s smile and winning personality make her a favorite with our customers and employees throughout the region,” shares Lisa McCoy, SVP/Retail Market Manager, Cherokee Region.  “She is dedicated and committed to going above and beyond every day.”  This commitment to excellence was showcased when Crystal stepped in to fill a supervisory role in the Drive Thru.  Already scheduled to work there during that time, Crystal was called upon to oversee operations while the Teller Operations Supervisor was out on maternity leave and the department was short one Teller.  “Crystal effectively communicated with the ROM, Amy Pate, who was busy overseeing operations in the lobby due to my absence, and served as a positive mentor for employees in the drive thru,” states Jessica Guerrero, Teller Operations Supervisor, Jacksonville Main.  “She filled in wherever needed and worked Saturdays to insure coverage.  Crystal’s dedication has earned her the respect of her peers.”

“Crystal shows in her daily attitude that she is 100% committed to her customers and loves her job,” comments Amy Pate, Retail Office Manager, Jacksonville Main.  These sentiments were echoed throughout the multiple Star nominations Crystal received.  Her positivity and team mentality come through in all she does.  In addition to daily responsibilities, Crystal also makes it a point to participate after hours in community events on behalf of the Bank.

A resident of Jacksonville, Crystal graduated from Jacksonville High School and attended Jacksonville College.  She is a member of Sweet Union Baptist Church in Jacksonville, and enjoys spending time with her family at sporting events, traveling to Dallas or playing dominoes.  An interesting fact, she and Darrell Thompson, Retail Office Manager in Noonday, are cousins.  Darrell commented that Crystal has a giving spirit and the family is very proud of her selection as a Star.  But he shares a word of caution should you decide to take her on in dominoes . . . she has been known to “make ‘em nervous.”


“Crystal goes above and beyond her Floater Teller responsibilities.  She is responsible, punctual, self-sufficient, quick, accurate and fun – a great combination and a true representative of the Austin Bank core values.”

Minerva Trujillo, Teller Operations Supervisor, Jacksonville Drive Thru

“Crystal has an infectious smile that brightens everyone’s day and a sense of humor that keeps co-workers and customers laughing.  She is a Star that shines bright in the Jacksonville lobby and I know she must do the same at the offices she floats to.”

Chaela Whitley, Teller, Jacksonville Main

“Crystal is a very important part of the Jacksonville Main and Drive Thru team.  She is quick and efficient with customers’ transactions providing great customer service at the same time.”

Amy Pate, Retail Office Manager, Jacksonville Main





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melissa vanness
melissa vanness
3/14/2016 1:26:49 PM #

I am so glad she got star of the month. She always has a smile on her face and is very friendly and helpful.


Brenda Bednarz
Brenda Bednarz
3/18/2016 7:05:33 AM #

Crystal is not only a great teller, she's a super great person.  


Susan Sekula
Susan Sekula
3/24/2016 9:16:40 AM #

Congratulations Crystal.
You are very deserving of this recognition.
Your willingness to help, ready smile, and
sincere ease with people make you a star.


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