May 2017 - Star of the Month - J Martinez

by Austin Bank 11. May 2017 14:21

Our Star of the Month for May personifies the list of Austin Bank Star characteristics – positive attitude, pride in their job, teamwork, and dedication – adding to them charm and a passion for life.  His personality and character bolster every interaction, whether with a coworker or customer, providing an enjoyable encounter for all involved.  Please join us in congratulating J Martinez, Mail Courier in Jacksonville, on his recognition.

Though J has been with the Bank just a brief time, he has demonstrated many highly sought after qualities including a strong work ethic, dependability, working well with others, and flexibility.  While his job title implies the delivering of mail, his role in the operation and efficiency of the Jacksonville office is much larger.  He helps run Teller work on Fridays; aids Customer Service Representatives when able; ensures supplies are stocked and available to multiple departments and myriad additional jobs as they arise.  “J gets the job done in a timely manner with little to no supervision,” shares Amy Pate, AVP/Retail Office Manager, Jacksonville.  “He is very reliable and we enjoy having him here.”  Recently, during a Bank visit by a local school group, J stayed past his normal work hours to assist with the coin machine.  It got heavy use that day counting over 100,000 pennies and required emptying multiple times.  His patience with the children and adults that day helped the entire process remain as calm as possible.  J was definitely a hero to the balance of the Bank staff there that day.


A graduate of Tyler Junior College, J is currently studying Education at the University of Texas at Tyler with a goal to become a teacher.  He takes great pride in setting an example for his younger siblings, and enjoys spending time with his family and their two pet ducks – Quackers and Aflac.  In his spare time, J coaches soccer, mentors his younger brothers, plays video games and loves collecting anything related to Pokemon.  He is a member of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Jacksonville.




“J lives out Jeff Austin, Sr.’s adage – ‘Let a smile be your umbrella.’  He always has a smile to share, and is extremely polite.”

Jeff Austin III, Vice Chairman of the Board, Jacksonville



“J is absolutely the friendliest, sweetest young man I have met in a while.  He provides the best customer service and all the employees and customers in Jacksonville love him.”

Lynn Littlejohn, EVP/Human Resources, Jacksonville



“J is willing to help in any area he can.  He is a pleasure to work with and is very deserving of this award.”


Amy Pate, AVP/Retail Office Manager, Jacksonville





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