May 2015 - Star of the Month - Ramon Merkley

by Austin Bank 13. May 2015 15:33

The Service Standards of Austin Bank push the upper bounds of customer service expectations, and exceptional service is the expected, not the extraordinary.  So, how do you surpass the expected exceptional service and impress your coworkers and customers alike?  It involves surprising, and often delighting, customers and team members . . . causing them to return not only because you provide a good product, but because the value you bring to them goes far beyond.

This month’s Star could teach lessons in the art of customer service, to the point that on three separate nomination forms the first line of each read “Ramon goes above and beyond.”  It is for this reason we are proud to introduce you to our May Star of the Month, Ramon Merkley, Loan Assistant in Longview Pine Tree.
From the Austin Bank Service Standards, “Good customer service means helping customers efficiently. . . exceptional customer service is exceeding their expectations, going the extra mile, providing that ‘WOW’ factor so they will refer us to their family and friends.”  Ramon embodies this trait and has demonstrated it on numerous occasions, not only to customers, but to coworkers as well.  Giving a customer a ride to their home after their vehicle broke down in the Bank’s drive thru; consistently opening doors for elderly customers when they enter and exit; assisting team members with opening and closing the office; helping on the Teller line and with new accounts even when it is not “his department” – these are just a few examples, all done in addition to his loan assistant duties.  “Ramon is a true example for all of us with the way he treats and speaks to customers.  We are thankful to have him on our team,” shares Angie Lux, Retail Office Manager, Longview Pine Tree.

Ramon is the youngest of seven siblings (5 sisters and 1 brother).  A current resident of Kilgore, he is a graduate of Sabine High School and Texas A&M University.  At the 2014 Service Awards Luncheon, Ramon celebrated 5 years of service with the Bank during which time he worked as a Teller in Kilgore before assuming his current role in the Pine Tree office.  An avid sports fan, Ramon especially enjoys rooting for the Aggies in football and baseball.  He is also involved with his church, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, in Longview.

“Ramon works tirelessly to engage the customer, working to understand their needs in order to determine how best to assist them.  In addition, he is always willing to help others in his office.”

Jason Petersen, Regional President, Gregg County

“Ramon is consistently impressing our customers.  He treats every single person that walks through the door with respect and dignity.  He is a true gentleman and exemplifies the qualities of an Austin Bank Star.”

Angie Lux, Retail Office Manager, Longview Pine Tree

“Ramon has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to customer service.  His service excellence has helped him gather quite a following among our current customers.  His commitment to Austin Bank is truly one of a kind.”

Emmanuel DeLeon, Relationship Manager, Kilgore



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Vickie Raymond
Vickie Raymond
5/22/2015 12:05:52 AM #

The comments made about Ramon do not surprise me. They embody the essence of the family in which he was raised. I have known him since he was a child and I have NEVER seen him be anything other than polite, caring and cheerful. I am glad to see him acknowledged and honored by his co-workers/employers. Congratulations, Ramon.


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