March 2018 - Star of the Month - Jan Tennison

by Austin Bank 14. March 2018 11:46

This month’s Star is no stranger to anyone who has visited the second floor in Jacksonville.  Working as the Executive Assistant for Sissy and Jeff Austin, Jr., she handles a multitude of tasks, and does them all with a proficiency that can only come from more than thirty years of experience in the profession.  Please join us in congratulating Jan Tennison, Executive Administrative Officer, on her selection as our March Star of the Month.

Jan reported for her first day with Austin Bank on August 1, 1990 with the expectation of learning her new role as a loan secretary.  Little did she know the role for which she had been hired was not where she would be spending her time.  “Jan was employed to be another loan officer’s secretary.  However, before she actually reported, my assistant resigned so Jan became mine,” shares Sissy Austin, Senior Executive Vice President.  “She was so surprised she called me ‘sir’ for six months.”  Through the last 28 years, Jan’s role has evolved from loan secretary to secretary for the Board of Directors and other essential committees in addition to meeting the needs of Jeff Jr. and Sissy.  Jeff Austin, Jr., Chairman of the Board, noted, “We appreciate Jan for all she does for us.  She has the tenure and knowledge to locate necessary information, is unselfish, caring and trustworthy.”  

“Growing up, my mom set the ultimate example that hard work and a smile will take you places.  She has a kind heart, a great work ethic and I am proud to call her my mom,” states Jentrie Tarrant, Loan Assistant, Frankston.  Much of Jan’s time spent outside the Bank is spent with her family and in her favorite role as that of “Hoppi” to her four grandchildren.  She enjoys shopping with her daughters, Carlee and Jentrie, and loves Blake Shelton and The Voice.  A resident of Jacksonville, Jan is a member of First United Methodist Church there.


“Jan is a ‘shining star’ because of her tenure with the Bank as well as her helping to keep the ‘family’ in line, on time, organized and peaceful.  As Board secretary and a coordinator for many of our shareholder and corporate activities, Jan helps keep the Bank moving in a positive direction.”

Jeff Austin III, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Jacksonville

“I am honored to work with such an exceptional coworker.  Jan is loyal, dependable and always there to lend a hand to customers and employees.”

Dawn DeVillers, Executive Administrative Officer, Jacksonville

“Jan’s caring, warm heart fosters a positive outlook and a good sense of humor.  She has blessed us all with her work ethic and selfless, helping hand.   She has long been a great ambassador for the Bank working with customers, community, Bank Directors and vendors to ensure their needs are met. “ 

John P. Williams, President/CEO, Jacksonville

“I have worked with Jan for more than 27 years.  She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help when needed.” 

Sandra Burton, Executive Administrative Officer, Jacksonville




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