March 2015 - Star of the Month - Jacqueline Valentine

by Austin Bank 10. March 2015 16:57

This month’s Star works in an area that often goes unnoticed.  The mailing of statements each month to our customers is likely something that never crosses your mind – unless you are one involved in the process.  Jacqueline Valentine, Bookkeeping Supervisor in Longview Greggton, oversees not only this large task, but also processes adjustments and researches information pertaining to the reconciliation of corresponding accounts.  Her leadership and work ethic have garnered her spotlight as the March Star of the Month.

Joining Austin Bank twenty years ago, Jacqueline brought with her 2 previous years of banking experience.  In that time, she has gathered skills as a Proof Operator, Teller, Bookkeeping Clerk, Computer Operator and Research Clerk.  As a supervisor she is quick to lead by example and work alongside employees to accomplish many tasks.  Judy Smith, Statement Rendering Clerk, shares, “Jackie has a strong work ethic and works shoulder to shoulder with us to do whatever needs to be done.  Co-workers from other branches often call her for advice because of her vast knowledge of the banking industry.”  Working with her team, Jacqueline builds trust in her leadership while continuing to develop her own knowledge and skills.  “Working with Jacqueline on a daily basis dealing with adjustments, I have learned she is knowledgeable, quick to respond and always willing to help when I call with any questions. She is a great asset for Austin Bank,” states Kelli Jester, Computer Operator. 

Residents of Lakeport, she and her husband, Ira, have two children, five grandchildren and are members of St. Paul’s Baptist Church.  In addition to spending time with her family, Jacqueline enjoys traveling, bowling, working in her yard and planning parties.  She also volunteers her time for the Salvation Army.  A graduate of Longview High School, Jacqueline has also completed courses at Kilgore College and Bish Mathis Institute School of Business.  

“Jackie consistently demonstrates leadership abilities through her work pace and productivity.  She is a very effective multitasker.  Jackie is a valued Austin Bank team member and is someone I can consistently count on.”

Kathy Kidd, SVP/Operations Officer, Longview Greggton

“The tasks performed by Jacqueline and her staff typically go with minimal attention by others because they are consistently done correctly.  This is a true compliment to them and their hard work.  Jacqueline displays dedication toward her job, our customers and Austin Bank.  Job well done!”

Glenn Bass, SEVP/Deposit Operations, Longview Greggton




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Lisa Battee
Lisa Battee
4/3/2015 8:20:10 AM #

Jackie is an awesome co-worker. When I get in a bind, I call her. She always has the right answer.
She's like a walking bank Wikipedia. Smile


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