June 2019 - Star of the Month - Keith Fletcher

by Austin Bank 14. June 2019 22:03

On the list of qualifications for an Austin Bank Star are these words – dedicated, loyal and committed.  As stated in his nomination, if these are the qualities of a Star, then this employee is a “Star on steroids.”  We are excited to announce that Keith Fletcher, SVP/Security and Facilities Manager has been selected as the June Star of the Month.

Ask any boss about hard working, key employees who drive their business forward and one of the words they will invariably use to describe them is dedicated.  On fire, purpose driven, dedicated employees are often the first to show up and the last to leave work – sometimes having to be reminded to quit working and go home.  These words describe Keith to a T.  His dedication to Austin Bank is beyond reproach as he spends countless hours to ensure our facilities are top notch; our building projects are timely and up to Austin Bank standards; and as he keeps the security of the Bank and its employees a priority.  Once committed to a project, Keith will work around the clock, including nights and weekends, to make sure it is completed.  On many occasions, employees have left work on Friday evenings and returned Monday morning to a complete makeover of their office or department.  “Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night keeps Keith from his work at the Bank!” shares Lynn Littlejohn, EVP/Human Resources Team, Jacksonville.  “His work ethic is above anyone I know and when he is assigned a job it is always completed in a top notch manner.  I can’t think of a more dedicated or deserving employee to receive this award.”

Keith joined Austin Bank in 2003 following a 20 year career with the Marshall Police Department.  During his tenure he worked as a Patrol Officer and rose through the ranks to Assistant Chief of Police and Administrative Captain.  Honored numerous times for his work in law enforcement, Keith was named Officer of the Year by the East Texas Peace Officers Association in 1995 and was the 1994 recipient of the Marshall Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Marshall Award.  He maintains his Peace Officer certification, and remains involved in association organizations having recently served as President for the Texas Police Officer Association and currently serving as President of the Gregg County Crime Stoppers. 

A resident of Marshall, Keith has three sons and four grandchildren.  He is a graduate of Marshall High School, Panola Junior College, LeTourneau University and the FBI National Academy.


“Keith exemplifies selfless service.  His dedication and commitment to our Austin Bank family make him a go-to and trusted team player.  His responsibilities are varied and complex but he handles them well with a positive outlook and disposition making him a pleasure for all to interact with.”

John Williams, CEO/President, Jacksonville

“Working closely with Keith on numerous projects over the years, I appreciate his commitment to Austin Bank. The pride he takes in the work he does and his willingness to plan projects around bank holidays so as to not interfere with employees and customer service are a great help to the retail staff.”

Linda Douglas, SEVP/Chief Retail Officer, Jacksonville

“Keith gets things done.  Working with him on several projects he has taught me a lot.  He is the hardest worker I know and always puts the Austin family and their bank first.  He has become a good friend and a very good boss!”

Brenda Sharp, Advisory Director, Longview Greggton

“Keith has an incredibly strong work ethic and unwavering loyalty to Austin Bank.  He has a unique and uncanny ability to juggle a multitude of projects simultaneously without a single detail slipping through the cracks.  I have never met anyone who has as much pride in the quality and quantity of their work as Keith does.”

John Ory, SEVP/Chief Operations Officer, Longview Greggton




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