June 2017 - Star of the Month - Margaret Mullinnix

by Austin Bank 14. June 2017 15:11

This month’s Star manages one of the busier offices in the company, while making it look easy.  She is a proud advocate of the Bank not only in the office, but throughout the community, exhibiting the Austin Bank core values in all she does – honesty, integrity and service.  Please join us in congratulating Margaret Mullinnix, Retail Office Manager at Tyler Med Center, on her selection as the June Star of the Month.

Margaret has a reputation of going above and beyond for customers and employees alike.  She can often be found working selflessly alongside her employees demonstrating her allegiance to them and the success of the Bank.  Her rapport with customers is second to none.  Because of her office’s proximity to the medical district, Margaret has made numerous trips to visit Med Center customers (or at the request of employees from other locations) who find themselves in the hospital to offer help.  She is quick to help fill a need, regardless of the situation, and is always eager to learn more.  Tamara Cox, a fellow Retail Office Manager at Tyler Cumberland, shares, “Margaret is a great friend and co-worker.  She is dedicated to her employees and Austin Bank.  Margaret always gets the job done.”

Margaret originally joined the Austin Bank team in 2004 when she served as Retail Office Manager of the Tyler South location for two years.  After working out of the area for a while, she returned to the Bank in 2013 in her current role.  Margaret offers over 28 years of banking experience in both large corporate banks and smaller community banks throughout California, Maine, Virginia and Texas to her customers.  She shares this wealth of experience with new employees serving as a Mentor through the Bank’s mentorship program.

In her spare time, of which there is not much now, Margaret enjoys crocheting and knitting.  She has, on multiple occasions, created beautiful scarves, blankets and afghans that have been auctioned or raffled off to help raise money for Junior Achievement and other organizations.  She and her husband, Drew, are currently in the process of finishing construction on a new home near Winona.  In addition to staying busy overseeing the building process, Margaret also loves anything outdoors and gardening.


“It has been our pleasure to have Margaret in the Austin Bank family two times during her banking career.  The benefits of her operational experience are only surpassed by her extreme enthusiasm and the desire to make the Tyler Med Center office successful.”

Linda Douglas, SEVP/Chief Retail Officer, Jacksonville

“Margaret is a team player and never minds getting in the trenches with employees when necessary.”

Maria Davenport, SVP/Retail Market Manager, Smith County

“Margaret is a fun, positive person that you love to be around.  She is honest and forthright . . . do not ask her if you do not want to know.  I personally love being able to call her not only my co-worker, but my friend.”

Cindy Cook, VP/Retail Office Manager, Tyler South




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Leah Martin
Leah Martin
6/15/2017 10:50:11 AM #

Margaret is an intelligent and dedicated employee and she remains a strong connection/influence between financial institution and our business structure.  Since her return to Austin Bank I have first hand seen her dedication to her job and our community, which is highly admired and respected by us, your customer.  Margaret's professionalism is above and beyond what is required of her employment status and I believe that she deserves this recognition.   Good Job Margaret!  and congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments!


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