July 2018 - Star of the Month - Jeannie Thompson

by Austin Bank 13. July 2018 14:49

Getting ready to celebrate ten years of tenure with Austin Bank, this month’s Star is a beloved asset of the Smith County Region.  Her professionalism and respect for those she comes in contact with – employees and customers alike – are traits to be admired and emulated.  Please join us in congratulating Jeannie Thompson, Teller in Whitehouse, on her selection as our July Star of the Month.

Jeannie’s work history includes many roles in customer service and three years of banking prior to joining Austin Bank in 2008.  She is a fixture in the Whitehouse office, always the first to greet customers with a welcoming smile as soon as they walk in the door.  Customers miss her when she is gone.  With her experience and willingness to fill a role when needed, Jeannie serves as the Teller Trainer for all new Tellers hired in Smith County.  When new equipment was placed in various Austin Bank offices, Jeannie was required to learn the new technology despite not using them on a daily basis.  Now when training Tellers who will be working under the new protocol she travels to Tyler Med Center to do so, training new employees to work with all versions of technology available in their office.  “Many times we have tried to get her to stay with us,” shares Margaret Mullinnix, AVP/Assistant Retail Market Manager at Tyler Med Center.  “But, she always returns to Whitehouse, so we look forward to when she returns to train.” 

Embodying the definition of a team player, Jeannie never hesitates to help.  Many examples can be noted here, however, most recently she returned early from vacation after a coworker experienced an unexpected accident.  Rather than leave the office shorthanded, Jeannie returned to ease the burden on her coworkers.  She has been described by coworkers as Ethel to their Lucy – you can always count on having a good time and getting things done when Jeannie is around.

Originally from Illinois, Jeannie and her husband, Norm, now reside in Whitehouse.  They have one daughter, Misty. 


“Jeannie is a wonderful example of being a team player.  She is willing to volunteer her time and talents to make our bank, and our community, better.  Her experience in banking and her knowledge of our community are great benefits to the Whitehouse office.”

Kara Fulmer, Retail Office Manager, Whitehouse

“Jeannie does an exceptional job of greeting customers as they walk in the door, even if she has a customer in her window.  It always amazes me how she can remember them and call them by name.”

Maria Davenport, SVP/Retail Market Manager, Whitehouse

“I have been fortunate to have Jeannie work in the Med Center office as she trains new Tellers.  She is not afraid to learn new things, and her patience in answering the same questions over and over again astounds me.”

Margaret Mullinnix, AVP/Assistant Retail Market Manager, Tyler Med Center


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