July 2016 - Star of the Month - Heidi Gamble

by Austin Bank 20. July 2016 16:36

In such a technology dependent industry, we often take for granted the fact that we can turn on our computers and begin our work day.  Ever stop to think about what is required behind the scenes for this to happen?  Our information technology department spends lots of time and resources to make our jobs feasible.  This month we would like to bring the spotlight to an area that often goes unnoticed until there is a problem, and to an employee who works diligently to insure we all have the equipment and systems necessary to perform our tasks.  Please join in congratulating Heidi Gamble, Systems Administrator II, Longview Greggton, on her selection as the July Star of the Month.

Heidi joined the Austin Bank team a little over four years ago after working in the technology departments of Overton and Marshall ISDs and as a Master Control Operator for KLTV.  Hired as a Computer Support Specialist in 2011, she was promoted to a Systems Administrator II in 2015 and is now responsible for maintaining the Bank’s database environment, virtual PCs, and several other systems.  Her strong work ethic, integrity and dependability make her a valuable asset to both the Bank and the IT department.


Following the Bank’s recent intranet redesign, Heidi went a step further to assist the Human Resources department in the creation of their new site. Lynn Littlejohn, EVP/Human Resources Team, Jacksonville, shares “Heidi has a calm demeanor and never made us feel as though we were asking ‘dumb’ questions.  She conducted training in person and by phone, typed up notes, and tweaked our site to make it even better.”  Lynn continues, “She went above and beyond to assist and help our team achieve success.  Heidi is dedicated and committed to doing a great job and possess a positive attitude in all that she does.”


Heidi and her husband, Don, live in Kilgore with their three dogs – Optimus, George and Peanut.  In addition to spending time with her pets, she enjoys photography and remodeling projects.   A graduate of Benton High School in Louisiana, Heidi holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northern State University in addition to numerous professional certificates for various technology platforms.



“Heidi is a person who can be depended upon in any situation. She has a strong sense of integrity which leads her to complete any task to the best of her ability.  She also has a good sense of humor which makes her fun to work with.  I learn loads from her daily.”

Jeff Sowell, VP/Network Support Manager, Longview Greggton


“Heidi is very intelligent, hardworking and dependable.  She also has the ability to relate a sense of calm to those around her, even when in the midst of a difficult issue.  I enjoy having her input and perspective.  She is a very important part of our team.”


John Orr, SVP/Chief Information Officer, Longview Greggton


“Heidi is very deserving of the Star recognition.  She utilizes her technical skill and tenacity to get the job done.  We are fortunate to have her on our team and she has become one of our ‘go-to’ technicians.”


Glenn Bass, SEVP, Deposit Operations, Longview Greggton





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