July 2015 - Star of the Month - Angela Guillen

by Austin Bank 14. July 2015 16:50

“Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous response.  Kudos to you,” shares a satisfied customer.  She continues, “As a new Austin Bank customer . . . I’m impressed with every interaction I’ve had thus far.  I think I made the right choice in who I should bank with.”  Eliciting this kind of praise from a customer is a prime example of the level of customer service expected from Bank employees on a daily basis, and a wonderful testament to the enthusiasm and commitment of this month’s Star.  Her phenomenal work ethic and dedication to excellence in all she does are just a few of the attributes earning her the Star nomination.  We are excited to share that Angela Guillen, Telephone Customer Service Representative in Longview Greggton, is our July Star of the Month.

Angela came to work for the Bank in August of 2012 assisting customers in our Call Center.  Still a member of that department, Angela now serves as the Night Supervisor – overseeing fellow Call Center members into the evening hours.   “Angela is so positive and helpful to everyone in the Call Center and all other branch personnel.  Her technical skills are amazing and she has proven her worth in managing others since she joined Austin Bank,” states Cindy Moss, Telephone Customer Service Supervisor, Longview Greggton.  Always seeking a way to help others, Angela assists with training new employees and keeps the morale high in the department by decorating the Call Center space.  In addition to her regular duties, Angela also assists with Spanish speaking customers and translating text to Spanish for use on the Bank’s web site or other printed materials.

The oldest of three siblings, Angela resides in White Oak and is a graduate of White Oak High School.  She teaches a children’s Bible study class at Longview Church of Christ, and in her spare time she enjoys making crafts.  


“Angela always goes above and beyond whatever she is asked to do.  She is a team player who helps all her colleagues, including myself.  She has a phenomenal work ethic and is dedicated to excellence in everything she attempts.”

Cindy Moss, Telephone Call Center Supervisor, Longview Greggton

“Angela always has a smile on her face and an awesome attitude.  She always goes the extra mile for all customers.  Since joining the management team in the call center, Cindy and I have been greatly pleased.”

Stacee Chapman, Assistant Telephone Customer Service Manager, Longview Greggton

“Angela is a valued member of the Call Center by being someone we can always count on.  She approaches situations with a ‘can do’ attitude and demonstrates how excellent customer service has a lasting effect on customer relationships.”

Kathy Kidd, SVP/Operations Officer, Longview Greggton




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khoren hekimian
khoren hekimian
7/19/2015 7:19:00 AM #

   Awesome !! congratulations !!! Everyone needs to have a good work ethics and a great attitude like her !!!


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