Austin Bank and Fraud prevention

by Austin Bank 10. June 2017 11:47

Austin Bank is committed to helping prevent fraud and to protecting its customers in the event of things such as debit card fraud, identity theft, and mail scams.  Your money is safe and measures are constantly analyzed to ensure we provide cutting edge protection to our customers.


The Bank uses fraud analysis and tracking to minimize fraud losses on debit cards.  The Bank contacts the customer at all provided numbers to confirm the transactions.  If we are unable to reach the customer, a hold will be placed on the customer’s card to prevent further potential loss.  Should fraud occur, the customer simply needs to contact the Bank to dispute the transactions.  Provisional credit usually occurs the next business day but it is required within 10 days.  Customers are never at risk for unauthorized transactions.


CardValet is a free application the Bank offers our customers to keep tabs on their debit card.  The customer can get instant debit card usage alerts to protect against fraud.  With CardValet, the customer also has the ability to turn the debit card on and off should it become necessary.  CardValet is available at the App Store or Google Market.‚Äč  You can learn more about all the features of CardValet by clicking here.

Should you have an issue with your debit card, please contact our Customer Care Center at 800-644-9275.  They are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.  For information outside of these hours, please contact us at 800-472-3272.  Use this number only during non-business hours to report lost or stolen cards.



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