August 2018 - Star of the Month - Sue Murphy

by Austin Bank 14. August 2018 10:11

Our Star for the month of August never meets a stranger.  Her outgoing personality and high-energy attitude serve her well as she works to provide the best experience possible for her customers and community.  Please join us in congratulating Sue Murphy, Retail Office Manager in Big Sandy, on her selection as our August 2018 Star.

Joining the Austin Bank team in 2007, Sue brought with her 17 years of previous bank management experience.  Providing the best customer experience is always her goal, and she does what is required to make that happen.  “Sue is committed to the success of Austin Bank and her employees,” shares Anita Snider, VP/Human Resources Development, Jacksonville.  “Recently, our Marshall office was very shorthanded and Sue took it upon herself to pitch in and share her time between the Big Sandy and Marshall offices.  She truly is a team player.”  Other employees have shared that Sue is quick to respond to questions, always courteous, and has a smile in her voice when speaking on the phone.

Sue resides in Holly Lake Ranch with her two dogs, Oreo and Cocoa.  She has a twin sister, Lou, and enjoys spending her time shopping with her sister in addition to singing, dancing and cooking.  A fun fact about Sue, she has visited every state in the United States with the exception of Maine.  And, she has lived in New York, Mississippi, Arizona, Alaska, Tennessee and now Texas.

An active part of her community, Sue works with several organizations and is a member of the local Rotary Club and Big Sandy Chamber of Commerce.  She is a member at Summit Heights Church in Holly Lake.


“Sue has a willingness to help in any way possible.  Whether that is a project or in an office that is shorthanded, she is a go-to person.”

Gay Higdon, SVP/Retail Market Manager, Longview Oak Forest

“Sue is always willing to help someone out if they need it.  She cares about doing a great job.”

Melody Payne, Teller Operations Supervisor, Big Sandy

“Sue brings a level of enthusiasm to the Big Sandy location that is hard to match.  She always has a smile and a willing attitude for her customers and her employees.  She is the first to tell everyone that she ‘loves Austin Bank’.”

Linda Douglas, SEVP/Chief Retail Officer, Jacksonville



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Ginifer Lawrence
Ginifer Lawrence
8/21/2018 1:22:09 PM #

Sue is one of the most sweetest of all ladies I have ever met. Every time I or one of my family members enters Austin Bank, she always greets us with a warm smile. My daughters are now grown and she has continued to share her kindness with them. She is truly dedicated to helping others. In Sue we have found a sincere and honest lady. She is always true to her word. Sue is a great asset to Austin Bank, simply because of the person she is. She represents all that is good in the best of people on earth. We are blessed to have met Sue and thankful that Austin Bank chooses people like Sue to represent their company. She serves Austin Bank and her entire community beautifully!  ---Ginifer Lawrence


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