14 Tips for Stopping Elder Financial Abuse in its Tracks

by Austin Bank 9. June 2017 10:20
Every year, millions of seniors fall victim to financial fraud. Studies show elder financial abuse costs seniors approximately $2.9 billion each year. In recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, Austin Bank is urging older customers and their trusted caregivers to safeguard all personal information and stay alert to the common signs of financial abuse. [More]


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Filling Out The Paperwork For Your First Job

by Austin Bank 29. August 2016 11:24
After the interview, salary negotiation, and getting hired, you will probably go to the Human Resource Department or see the Business Manager to handle some of the financial details of your job. Here are some of the items you probably will face: [More]

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Online Banking

by Austin Bank 6. January 2016 16:40
The Internet is changing the way many people communicate as well as handle many of their financial affairs. Using the Internet for many of your banking transactions can be easy and convenient. [More]


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7 Bad Spending Habits to Avoid This Holiday Season

by Austin Bank 8. December 2015 09:53
Amid the bustling holiday season, the American Bankers Association has identified seven habits that shoppers should avoid to minimize their holiday spending debt. [More]


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8 Tips to Protect Your Identity

by Austin Bank 5. October 2015 12:32
Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. In 2014, there were 12.7 million victims of identity fraud in the U.S., according to Javelin Strategy and Research. Austin Bank recommends following these tips to keep your information – and your money – safe. [More]


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Financial Idea of the Month - Direct Deposit

by Austin Bank 17. September 2015 15:54
Making a trip to your financial institution to deposit your payroll or government check is time consuming and potentially dangerous. Having your automatically deposited puts your money to work faster and safer. [More]


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Simplifying Steps

by Austin Bank 12. August 2015 15:38
Handling your financial affairs doesn't have to be as complicated as it may seem. Taking a few common sense and practical steps can make your financial life less stressful. [More]


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Take an Annual Financial Check-Up

by Austin Bank 7. January 2015 13:03
While anytime is an ideal time to sit back and review your finances, as we begin a new year, why not take a moment now and evaluate? You may be able to make changes to take advantage of opportunities to help prepare for filing your tax return. Here are some areas to consider: [More]


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