Star of the Month - February 2014 - Stacee Chapman

by Austin Bank 11. February 2014 16:30
As a member of the team in our Customer Care Center at the Longview Greggton office, this month’s Star may not be well known to many in our Austin Bank family. However, her commitment to Austin Bank and its customers is shown daily as she works to insure our customers receive the level of service the Bank was founded upon. It is our pleasure to announce Stacee Chapman, Assistant Telephone Customer Service Manager, our February Star of the Month. [More]

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Austin Bank Funtagious Rewards

by Austin Bank 31. January 2014 10:35
Invite a friend to open a new personal checking account with us and you both can earn a FREE reward! [More]

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Austin Bank Rewards | Rewards

Health Care Changes - Could an HSA be a solution for you?

by Austin Bank 24. January 2014 10:16
What is a Health Savings Account?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt trust or custodial account established exclusively for the purpose of paying qualified medical expenses of you and your family.

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Star of the Month - January 2014 - Emmanuel DeLeon

by Austin Bank 21. January 2014 12:55
Dedication to his job, ability to work well with others, and positive attitude are just a few of the outstanding characteristics of the January Star of the Month. Emmanuel DeLeon, Manny, is a Commercial Portfolio Manager working out of the Marshall office. He began working for Austin Bank in 2010 as a part time Teller in the Longview Loop office, and then moved to work as a Credit Analyst in Longview Greggton before assuming his current role. [More]

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Five Retirement Planning New Year's Resolutions

by Austin Bank 24. December 2013 09:49
The holiday season is a time for reflection over the past year and planning for the future. At this time, take a moment to think about the state of your retirement portfolio. [More]

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Penny Pinchers - Saving Tips | Retirement Planning

FICO Scores: The Only Ones That Count

by Austin Bank 18. September 2013 11:51
Credit scores drive many things in our current economy. Not only affecting loan approvals, they may also affect rates you pay on insurance, credit cards and the issuance of new credit of any kind. Pay attention to your FICO scores; avoid FAKO scores. [More]

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Online Banking, Data Security and You

by Austin Bank 20. May 2013 13:53
Online banking has grown rapidly into a major new way to bank. Some surveys show that more people prefer to bank online than in the traditional ways. This phenomenal growth has been accompanied by increases in the safety and security measures undertaken by banks and their customers. But cyber-criminals are always looking for new ways to electronically break into the bank and steal your money. [More]

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Data Security | Online Banking

A Banking Relationship test for your Small Business

by Austin Bank 2. May 2013 10:12
Seven key questions small business owners should ask themselves about their bank. [More]

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Banking Relationships | Small Business Banking

Summer Travels and Your Debit Card

by Austin Bank 19. April 2013 02:06
With summer just around the corner many families are planning to travel.Whether it’s a day trip or a trip outside the country, we encourage our customers to alert us if they plan to use their debit cards outside of their typical shopping areas. [More]

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Penny Pinchers - Saving Tips

by Austin Bank 10. April 2013 09:37
My great-grandma always used to say a penny saved is a penny earned. And she was right! While I don't re-use plastic sandwich baggies like she did, I do practice a few money-saving habits that help me find an extra $50 or so each month to put away towards my financial goals. Here are five of my favorites. [More]

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