FAQ - Heartbleed Bug

by Austin Bank 10. April 2014 15:03
What is the Heartbleed Bug?
Heartbleed is a flaw in the programming on secure websites that could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails. The Heartbleed Bug is a defect in encryption technology – called Open SSL – used by most Web servers to secure users’ personal or financial information. It is behind many "https" sites that collect personal or financial information. Basically, it provides a secure connection when you are conducting a transaction or sending an e-mail online. Experts discovered the bug recently and warned that cybercriminals could exploit it to access visitors' personal data or to impersonate a website and collect even more information.

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Star of the Month - April 2014 - Maria Hernandez

by Austin Bank 8. April 2014 16:33
This month’s Star nomination form included the quote “to be successful in business, it takes all pieces working together as a team.” The leadership in our Emory office counts themselves as privileged to have this month’s Star on their team. We are proud to announce Maria Hernandez, Customer Service Representative, as Star of the Month for April.

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Money Smart Week - April 5 - 12, 2014

by Austin Bank 31. March 2014 14:36
Created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2002, Money Smart Week is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manager their personal finances. Achieved through the collaboration of non-profit organizations, financial institutions, libraries, businesses, schools and government agencies, free education seminars and activities are provided throughout the week. [More]


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Spring Cleaning for your Finances

by Austin Bank 17. March 2014 16:24
We ran across a great article from Abby Hayes in the U.S. News and World Report My Money Blog published March 14, 2014. The information was so great we wanted to share. Take a look at her tips to Spring Clean your Finances. When you get to #3, be sure to sign up for eStatements for you Austin Bank accounts. There are lots of great advantages. [More]

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Star of the Month - March 2014 - Kimbra Warren

by Austin Bank 12. March 2014 08:32
The Austin Bank core values of honesty, service, community and integrity are all words that have been used to describe our March Star. In a recent letter to the Chairman of the Board, a customer described our Star as “friendly, courteous and providing over-the-top customer service.” For these reasons, we are pleased to announce Kimbra Warren, Customer Service Representative in Troup as our March Star of the Month. [More]

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6 Ways to Automate Your Savings

by Austin Bank 27. February 2014 15:00
Anybody who has ditched plans to eat a salad to scarf down a plate of nachos instead (like I did, um, yesterday) can tell you that even though we humans usually know what’s best for us, it’s sometimes difficult to actually do the right thing.

This is especially true when it comes to saving money -- for emergencies, for retirement, or for almost anything else. But there is some good news. Studies show that once we do set money aside, we’re likely to leave it there. So how do we get ourselves to save in the first place? By automating!

Here are six easy ways to do just that. [More]

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Star of the Month - February 2014 - Stacee Chapman

by Austin Bank 11. February 2014 16:30
As a member of the team in our Customer Care Center at the Longview Greggton office, this month’s Star may not be well known to many in our Austin Bank family. However, her commitment to Austin Bank and its customers is shown daily as she works to insure our customers receive the level of service the Bank was founded upon. It is our pleasure to announce Stacee Chapman, Assistant Telephone Customer Service Manager, our February Star of the Month. [More]

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Austin Bank Funtagious Rewards

by Austin Bank 31. January 2014 10:35
Invite a friend to open a new personal checking account with us and you both can earn a FREE reward! [More]

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Health Care Changes - Could an HSA be a solution for you?

by Austin Bank 24. January 2014 10:16
What is a Health Savings Account?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt trust or custodial account established exclusively for the purpose of paying qualified medical expenses of you and your family.

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Star of the Month - January 2014 - Emmanuel DeLeon

by Austin Bank 21. January 2014 12:55
Dedication to his job, ability to work well with others, and positive attitude are just a few of the outstanding characteristics of the January Star of the Month. Emmanuel DeLeon, Manny, is a Commercial Portfolio Manager working out of the Marshall office. He began working for Austin Bank in 2010 as a part time Teller in the Longview Loop office, and then moved to work as a Credit Analyst in Longview Greggton before assuming his current role. [More]

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