July 2014 - Star of the Month - Debbie Finley

by Austin Bank 9. July 2014 11:10
With over 25 years of experience in the banking industry, our July Star brings a positive attitude and commitment to customers with her EVERY day . . . even when a tree falls on her car during an ice storm. We are proud to announce Debbie Finley, Customer Service Representative in the Tyler South office as our July Star of the Month. [More]

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Star of the Month - June 2014 - Dennis Means

by Austin Bank 11. June 2014 08:35
To say that technology is an important part of our ability to perform nearly every job in the Bank would be an understatement. Those in our company who work daily to insure we have access to the tools needed to perform our duties are often taken for granted when things run smoothly; however, let a problem arise and their importance is quickly realized. Such is the case with this month’s Star, and we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase not only his part in day to day operations but also share a glimpse of a man many might not know. [More]

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Employee Awards | Employees | Star of the Month

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